Washington State University loses student to alcohol

We extend our condolences to the Washington State University community and the family of Kenneth Hummel, who died this weekend from alcohol poisoning.

The 18-year old Hummel had a blood alcohol reading of 0.40 when he died early Saturday morning. Police found him unconscious in his dorm room, after his peers had called the police.

In the wake of campus alcohol courses, peer intervention groups, extended campus counseling, and more, it is sometimes difficult to understand how nearly 2,000 students die annually from alcohol related injuries. Within the next week, we will begin posting testimonials from college students that answer the questions, “What is the single largest determinant in your drinking? And what most deters you from drinking to excess?”

One Response to “Washington State University loses student to alcohol”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    It’s unfortunate that Kenneth Hummel has died from alcohol poisoning. There is a culture of binge drinking in universities. However, a powerful solution in reducing binge drinking is to lower the drinking age to 18 and require alcohol education to buy and purchase alcoholic beverages. Medical amnesty should be the law in every state and territory in the United States. Although I didn’t drink alcoholic beverages when I was 18, I know I would have been responsible if I drank an alcoholic beverage by myself. I knew the importance of alcohol responsibility. I believe that a drinking age of 18 and effective alcohol education will change the culture about alcoholic beverages in universities.